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Colorless and odorless liquid fixative multifunctional for professional use.   

Perfect as a base for shadows and lipstick. Just pat the skin a small amount of product and then apply shadow or lipstick as usual. That protected makeup becomes resistant to abrasion and moisture.   
In conjunction with the dry pigments improves the color and extends their service life. Brocades making facilitates application that doesn`t flake off. The drops of liquid must be added the amount of pigment / glitter to achieve the desired consistency.   
Indispensable for professionals.   One drop is enough to restore the cosmetics   smooth texture, giving it additional features:   resistance to moisture and abrasion. You can   refresh the dried mascara, eyeliner or shadow cream.     
Because of its properties is also   recommended as an addition to   the sleepers and bases under   makeup to increase their   durability and also slightly dilute   them, facilitating the application.     
The product is based on specially selected   components that give it a remarkable   resistance to water and fat, as well as the   effect of "non-transfer" - no tendency to   bounce off cosmetic on other surfaces (ie.   Clothing, glass)     
In connection with innovative ingredients, cosmetics drop fix suitable durability   in all conditions - does not dissolve it rain, sweat, tears and sebum.   An excellent effect irrespective of temperature and humidity to survive both   the pouring rain, all-night dances, as well as training for several hours.   Makeup reinforced Drop & Fix does not smudge, DO NOT REFLECT, does not   dissolve DIRTY!     

The cosmetic is protected by a special system contains no preservatives   parabens and formaldehyde, thereby providing long-term safety of use.

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